Tuesday, October 11, 2016

10 Great Days of Ministry!

We had a great 10 days of ministry:

1. Starting with speaking at the Care Net 35th Anniversary celebration

2. MAD Live Event for the Lehigh Christian Academy

3. MAD Live Event at Agape Fellowship

4. Preaching at Maranatha

5. MAD Live Event at the Lehigh Christian High School Spiritual Life Week

6. MAD Live Event at People's Church of Potterbrook

7. Preach at People's Church of Potterbrook

We praise God for 32 more people who gave their lives to Christ at the MAD Live Events!

Next I head to Florida to do a MAD live Event for the Worldwide Christian Scuba Divers Organization...and I'll ge to do some diving while there!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Preached the Word today at Maranatha in Nazareth, PA

I was blessed to be able to open the Word and share a message with the body of Christ in Nazareth today.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

MAD Live Event #481 completed in Schnecksville, PA today

I completed the 481st MAD Live Event today in Schnecksville, PA. This is a small church with an average attendance of 35 on Sunday, but we had 65 attend! Some people were from Care Net, and many were from other churches. We praise God for 5 people who got saved today! Tomorrow morning I'll be preaching at the Maranatha Family Christian Fellowship in Nazareth, PA.

Friday, September 30, 2016

How The Lord Used Us In September of 2016

Hello Partners in Ministry:

After a traditionally slow summer, we were excited to have our schedule to pick up in September. We had 4 MAD Live Events this month and I preached on one Sunday morning in NJ. I was also honored and blessed to be the Keynote Speaker at the Lehigh Care Net Pregnancy Center’s 35th Annual Gala Fundraising Dinner. Their goal was $90,000, but that was just to cover their costs. They were praying and trusting God for closer to $100,000. Our God didn’t disappoint! When the evening was done, $92,000 had come in and another $18,000 was expected! Praise God! The Executive Director was very pleased with what I shared and suggested I get on the “circuit” for speaking at Pregnancy Center fundraisers. We’ll see if God opens some of those doors for us.

I am also scheduled to do a MAD Live Event next month for the Worldwide Christian Scuba Divers Organization in Florida. The doors also opened for me to teach the MAD Live Event for a potentially very large group from the same organization in Long Beach, CA the first weekend of December. That will be my first time teaching in California and this event will make that the 23rd state we’ve been privileged to teach in.

As we shared the MAD Live Event and preached, God’s Holy Spirit moved and we praise God for 29 new followers of Jesus Christ this month!

Some MAD Grad testimonies to encourage you and praise God for:

“I wanted to take a moment as share a quick story with you. For two reason's. First because of our common love of evangelizing and your love for motorcycle riders. Yesterday was the beginning of another Sunday school quarter at our church. I have decided to teach "The Way of the Master" once again. I remember years ago the words of "warning" from a pastor to SS teachers that "what you teach you WILL be tested on, guaranteed! This statement could not have been more true this morning. God brought a 6'7" 300+ Hell's Angel motorcycle rider to our front door. BEFORE I CONTINUE I MUST SAY TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY! As this mountain of a man stood in my driveway God allowed me to share the love of Jesus Christ and his need for the Savior! And that God loved him and that he was going to die one day and end up in one of ONLY two places. We embraced in a hug and I told him that if I did not care about him I would not say anything and that our "meeting" is not by accident. Man Don it was AWESOME!!!! Only God could have orchestrated something like this. Take care Brother....keep up the good fight!”

“I meet many people every day. I have seen young girls with cuts running up their arms. They are cutters. They hurt so much until they cut themselves to dull the pain. I have seen some who just need someone to tell them that someone loves them. They need to know that Jesus loves them. We can do it through God's Words I will use the gospels of John.”


Thank you for your continued prayers regarding our schedule. God is at work answering them!

• Oct 1 - MAD Live Event - Agape New Testament Fellowship, Schnecksville, PA

• Oct 2 - Preach - Maranatha Family Christian Fellowship, Nazareth, PA

• Oct 3-7 - MAD Live Event and Speak at Lehigh Valley Christian High School Spiritual Life Week, Allentown, PA

• Oct 8 - MAD Live Event - People’s Church of Potterbrook, Westfield, PA

• Oct 9 - Preach at morning worship service, People’s Church of Potterbrook, Westfield, PA

• Oct 12-16 - MAD Live Event and Speak at the Worldwide Christian Scuba Divers meeting, Hollywood, FL

• Oct 22 - MAD Live Event – Round Hill Baptist Church, Lexington, SC

• Oct 22 - Preach at Saturday evening service - The Harvest, Lexington, SC

• Oct 23 - Preach at both morning worship services - The Harvest, Lexington, SC

• Oct 23 - MAD Live Event - The Harvest, Lexington, SC

• Oct 29 - Speak at Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference, Rochester, NY

• Oct 30 - MAD Live Event - Community Bible Church, Lockport, NY

• Nov 6 - Preach at both AM Worship Services - The Harvest, Columbia, SC

• Nov 6 - MAD Live Event - The Harvest, Columbia, SC

• Nov 13 - Preach at Evening Service - Lighthouse Missionary Baptist Church, Jonesborough, TN

• Nov 20 - MAD Live Event - Lighthouse Missionary Baptist Church - Jonesborough, TN

• • Dec 3 - MAD Live Event - First Nazarene Church of Long Beach, CA

• Date to be Determined - Annual Don Sunshine Ministries Board Meeting


• Healing - It has been 8 weeks since my surgery and my knee is still sore and a problem. I am still in physical therapy ($308/week) and I need to be 100%. This is frustrating and I’d like it to be over so I can return to normal activities. Thanks!

• Please continue to pray for our schedule. We are now working to fill 2017!

Love in Christ,

Cathy and Don

Praise God for 2 incredible days of blessed ministry!!!

Wow! I praise God for an amazing two days of ministry. Last night I was honored and blessed to be the Keynote Speaker at the 35th Gala Anniversary Fundraiser for the Lehigh Care Net. As of last night their new name will be "Bright Hope" going forward. The goal was $90K which was just enough to pay the bills. Their dream was to get closer to $100K. God was at work in people's hearts and $92K was raised and from what I understand, there will be another $18K coming in! PRAISE GOD!!!!!

Today I did the MAD Live Event for the 5th-8th grade students at the Lehigh Christian Academy. 88 students attended and we praise God that 20 students surrendered their lives to Christ in repentance and faith! Praise God AGAIN for what He had done!!!

Monday, September 26, 2016

What an experience I had this weekend in Dumont, NJ

This weekend I had one of those rare incredible experiences while ministering in a church. I am truly at a loss for words as to how to describe my experience with the Body of Christ at Living Word Community Church in Dumont, NJ. From Pastor Frank on down, this group of people "ooze" the love of Jesus Christ. I saw joy on almost every face and a love for our Lord that blessed my heart beyond words. Their generosity, support, love and testimonies touched me deeply. I would't hesitate to recommend this church to anyone looking for a place to worship. You will be welcomed, accepted, and loved from the time you enter the building. I am looking forward to going back next spring to do a Walk thru the Bible OT seminar. All I can say is THANK YOU for making my weekend with you one I will never forget! We had close to 150 people attend the MAD Live Event on Saturday and 4 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. PTL! On Sunday I preached and several more people got saved and the altar was pretty full as people made things right with God. Amazing! Thank you Jesus what for you did this weekend and for allowing me to be a small part of it.

Monday, September 19, 2016

MAD Live Event in NY State

I completed a MAD Live Event for the folks in Richfield Springs yesterday. 53 people attended and we praise God for one new follower of Jesus Christ!