Saturday, January 24, 2015

Walk thru the Bible Old Testament seminar in NJ tomorrow!

We are doing a big Walk thru the Bible Old Testament seminar tomorrow at the Montvale E. Free Church. I was here last January doing a MAD Live Event. I love the people here. We'll have close to 150 participate tomorrow. Can't wait!

I completed a MAD Live Event today in Brick Twp, NJ. I had an incredible time with this group of people. There were so many connections. A former Councilman from Verona attends this church. We know many of the same people, and did quite a bit of reminiscing.

Also, just before lunch a man and his wife came in and sat down. When I finished the session and began to walk out of the sanctuary, he stopped me and asked if I remembered him. I told him he looked familiar but I could;t place him. He's said he was Paul N. from the Cedar Grove Police. We worked together on the same squad. I haven't seen him in 36 years! We ended up in a long conversation and the Hand of God was so evident. Paul said he was looking through an old photo album earlier this week and found a pic of our squad. He did a little search on Google to see who he could find and he found my website and went all through it. He saw I would be teaching in the church in Brick which is less than a mile from where he lives, so he had to show up and surprise me. What a surprise! I was able to share the Gospel with him (he doesn't attend church), and I gave him a One Second After you Die booklet to read. He told me that way back when we worked together, he could have predicted I would go into ministry someday because I was very different from the rest of the cops....I didn't cure or swear and I as "too nice". He even reminded me that I suggested he improve his language as he cursed too much! While I don't remember that I guess it's possible it happened. He agreed to send me an email with his contact info and we're going to keep in touch. The church people really showed both of them the love of Christ, invited them to church and are going to keep in touch to water the seeds that were planted. How amazing is God!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Praise the Lord!

Going through the evaluation forms from this past weekend of ministry, a lady wrote this: "Your program today saved my 17 year old daughter who I couldn't reach! No words can describe the impact of you today." All GLORY TO GOD! How awesome is He?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Two more MAD Live Events in SC

I completed a MAD Live Event on Saturday in Gilbert, SC. Although it was a small group of people (20), 3 people gave their lives to Christ today! PTL! All honor and glory to God!

Finished the MAD Live Event in Cayce today. Had about 85 people stay for the whole thing. One person gave their life to Christ and many people were excited about what they learned and anxious to put it into practice. Praise God!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chapel services today in Lexington, SC

I had the privilege of speaking at the two Chapel services today at Northside Christian Academy. Both messages were well received by the students and several high schoolers stayed after to speak with me. Tomorrow I am meeting with a Pastor in TN, who I have been trying to get a booking from.

2nd MAD Live Event of 2015 is in the books

I completed the final session of the MAD Live Event at Malvern Hill Baptist last night. 98 people made it through all 3 sessions and one person gave their life to the Lord Jesus in repentance and faith. PTL! What a loving, amazing group of people assembled there. I can't wait to hear how they use what they learned to further the Kingdom.

Today I am speaking at both Chapel services at The Northside Christian Academy in Columbia. Gonna be a great day!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Part 2 of the MAD Live Event completed

We finished part 2 of the MAD Live Event tonight. Apparently word got out and we had more people out tonight than last night. A nearby pastor attended and told me at the end of the evening that he'd be booking us to come to his church as his congregation needed to hear what I had to say, Praise the Lord! I had some great conversations with people afterwards, and I am looking forward to completing the training tomorrow night.