Friday, November 28, 2014

How the Lord used us in November of 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

In spite of all of the evil and unrest we’re seeing around the world and in our own country, we are still a blessed people with much to be thankful for. In fact, we have enumerable blessings from our Father in Heaven. As you pray, think about all of the people, things, and events in your life and try to thank God for every one of them. It’s difficult to even begin listing them all. Cathy and I are grateful to God for His Son, His grace, mercy, and gift of eternal life. We are also grateful to have been called by Him to rescue lost people, and help equip the church to do this work of ministry. We are blessed to see the Holy Spirit move powerfully every weekend as we share the M.A.D. Live Event with people all over the country. Cathy and I are thankful that you’re reading this and that you support us with your prayers and often sacrificial giving to keep us doing what God has called us to do. You rewards are secure in Heaven!

We finished our 2014 with 4 more Live Events in November, and we were blessed to see that 5 more people surrendered their lives to Christ at the M.A.D. Live Events! Praise God!! Our schedule “dies” after Thanksgiving until after the New Year, as churches are busy with the holiday schedules, events, and family activities. We will spend our daily work hours calling churches in hopes of filling a light 2015 speaking schedule. Next month’s report will include a summary of how the Lord used us in 2014.

In our downtime next month, I plan on recording some 1 minute evangelism pieces from the MAD Live Event that we’ll be sending to some Christian radio stations in hopes they’ll use them on the air. If they do, they will give us added exposure to places where we’ve never been.

Here are a few testimonies to encourage you:

“Pastor Ralph, I am honored and humbled by being considered as a candidate to serve as a deacon. However, I feel I must decline. Really I feel that I am too old, I will be 85 in about two weeks. I am in fairly good health, but my mind has declined somewhat and I feel it would cause me too much stress to rightly fulfill the office adequately. After hearing Don Sunshine's ministry, I feel that I can serve in my "spiritual gift of evangelism" to tell others about my savior! I have not done it in that way before because of fear, not knowing what to say, etc. I have had the experience now of allowing the leading of the Holy Spirit to give me the courage and power, not in my own power as previously, to talk to people with calmness and confidence.”

“We used to witness with tracts which are not available anymore. We find it easier and affordable to the gospel of John & are easy to carry on our cruises. God opens many divine appointments for us to witness to crew members especially to Spanish & Chinese speaking nationals. My husband speaks 5 European languages & I speak Mandarin, Cantonese & little Indonesian. On our last cruise, the Holy Spirit spoke strongly to a Muslim crew member from Indonesia and she prayed to receive Jesus as her Savior. Please pray for Eka. She is afraid to tell her family about her new found faith. My church is Calvary Chapel of Port St. Lucie.” “Being a divorced single mother of 3 boys I started to give up hope as life attacked me. After a long while of doing worldly things and getting tired of worldly results I decided to get back into God's world again. I have recently remarried and now am a mother and stepmother of 6 children. Through ups and downs 3 members of my family have been saved and baptized. I feel my story can help others who are single moms or divorcees by sharing Godly testimonies. I also work in hospice but am on a leave due to sickness. I am on the upside but have great hope to share as just a year before I had an illness that could have taken my life. God had other plans though. After hearing Don Sunshine speak at our church it empowered me to want to share my strength and faith only through God's love and now getting Godly results!”


• Dec 6 – Don Sunshine Ministries Annual Board Meeting, Williamsport, PA


• Continued prayers are requested for our schedule in 2015. It is still very light and the task of filling the schedule literally gets harder each month. I know you’re probably tired of hearing that, but it is true. In addition to praying, please speak with any pastors and church leadership you know and ask them to check us out. They can watch the first hour of the training on our website and I can provide a password to view it in its entirety on Vimeo if needed.

• Thanks for praying about the possible opportunity with the Christian Motorcyclists Association. We were hoping to purchase some ad space in their monthly magazine to expose our teaching to their membership and help equip their people to share Christ effectively. The Board of Directors decided not to allow us to advertise in their monthly magazine. Although we are disappointed, God is still in control!

• For Word FM to partner with us on a pilot MAD Live Event in their listening area

• Praise! Kingdom Bound has agreed to allow me to teach 3 - 1 hour sessions of the M.A.D. Live Event at their Darien Lake, NY Christian music event next summer! We will also have a booth there. This is GREAT NEWS!

Love in Christ,

Cathy and Don

Saturday, November 22, 2014

MAD Live Event in Stevens, PA

We completed the last MAD Live Event of the year today in nearby Stevens, PA. About 60 people attended and we praise God for 3 more decisions to repent and follow Christ!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

My neighbor Dennis

I met one of my neighbors when we moved in here 2 1/2 years ago. Hi same is Dennis. I've seen him a couple of times since then and said hello. Yesterday I was blowing leaves off of my front lawn and he came outside to get into his truck. I shut the blower off and greeted him. When I asked how he was doing he told me that he was heading to the doctor because he was in need of some additional back surgery. He told me that he was in a lot of pain. I went over to him and asked if I could pray for him. He said yes! So I laid my hand on his shoulder and I prayed for his healing and for a reduction in the pain. He thanked me and got into his truck to head to the doctor. After finishing clearing my lawn, I noticed that his lawn had more leaves on it than mine did. So I went over and blew all of his leaves out into the street as well. Although it took me quite a while to clear his front lawn, he did not get home in time for me to see him again. So today I'm going to go over and to give him a copy of "One Second After You Die", and share the gospel with him.

Monday, November 17, 2014

MAD Live Event in Florence, SC

I was at Northgate Baptist Church in Florence, SC for a Sunday MAD Live Event. I met wonderful, loving brothers and sisters in the Lord at this church. One man gave his life to Christ at the training. PTL!!! Then I headed home at about 4 PM. Rolled into the driveway at home at about 1 AM after one stop in VA. I am thankful for a full weekend of ministry and for the privilege of getting to do what I do.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

MAD Live Event in Waxhaw, NC

I had a great time at Waxhaw Bible Church in Waxhaw, NC today. My old friend and former co-worker - crazy Bill Griswold worked hard to promote the MAD Live Event at his church. The people were wonderful and one man gave his life to Jesus Christ today! Praising God for all that He did. Looking forward to the MAD Live Event tomorrow in Florence, SC.

Monday, November 10, 2014

MAD Live Event completed in Jersey Shore, PA

It was great being back up in the northern tier of PA....our old stomping grounds. We have passed through Williamsport literally hundreds of times, but I never spent the night there. Last night I did, before our MAD Live Event at the Mountain View Alliance Church in Jersey Shore today. Good to be back in an Alliance Church as well. We had 55 people stay for the entire training. I was blessed by meeting the brothers and sisters there and the fellowship was awesome. I am looking forward to seeing how the Lord will use them!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October Praise Report

How the Lord used us in October of 2014

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

We completed four MAD Live Events this month and I gave a seminar and had a display at the annual Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference in Hamburg, NY. We pray that the seminar will open new doors of sharing the life changing MAD Live Event in some area churches. Besides equipping the church for the work of ministry, God was pleased to use us to help rescue 18 people for eternity during the month of October! Praise the Lord! It NEVER gets old seeing the Father draw people to Himself for salvation through our efforts.

We have some exciting news that we pray the Lord will use to open new doors of ministry for us. As you know from last month’s letter, our brothers in the Lord, Rick and Brian, recorded the Live Event at the end of September. We now have the entire MAD Live Event posted on Vimeo so prospective pastors can check out what we do and how I present the material. It is password protected and it will be used as the need to evaluate us arises. In addition, we posted the first hour of the MAD Live Event on our website (no password required) so anyone can check out the content and our presentation style before they book us. Again, there is no password needed for this first hour of video.

I have been challenged by some friends in the Christian radio industry to record one-minute snippets of the content of our MAD Live Event. The purpose for this is to burn CDs and send them to smaller market Christian radio stations so they can evaluate them and possibly use them as one-minute fillers on air. If they choose to do this, it should give us additional exposure which we hope will lead to more bookings.

We received a nice surprise from the Pocket Testament League on Saturday, Oct 18th. They put together a one-page endorsement of what we’re doing, and did an email blast to all of their members! We have already received a few contacts from this (and hopefully more will come) that we hope will translate into new bookings of our MAD Live Event. I’ll attach a .pdf for you to see and forward on to church leadership.

Here are a few testimonies to encourage you:

“My friend Sarah and I were out shopping and were heading home when we saw a woman holding a ripped piece of cardboard on a busy street saying "Will work for food to feed my family. Anything helps." Sarah and I both had the same voice pop into our heads from the Holy Spirit - ask her if she knows Jesus and give her a booklet. Sarah said she had them in her other bag but I had some in my purse. I suggested we drive down to Arby's to get her a few sandwiches, fries and a large coke. That's exactly what we did and got out a booklet as well. In the booklet we wrote, "Jesus is our hope and He wants to be yours too! Enjoy this gift, but these words will explain how to accept the greatest gift you can ever receive!" When driving back around the light was green so we pulled over and waved the lady over. She came over to my side and I began to explain what we got her and then asked her if she knew Jesus. She smiled and shook her head yes. I went on to explain how Jesus is our hope and I was giving her the booklet to let her know that Jesus wants her in Heaven. She was extremely grateful and couldn't thank us enough. Before we left we asked for her name, which was Cindy. We told Cindy that we will be praying for her and that we hope we meet again someday. As we drove off we could see in our rear view mirrors Cindy flipping through the booklet.”

“I've been looking for opportunities to give out gospels of John since having Don Sunshine come and minister in our church. So far I have personally handed out about 6 pocket gospels to people I've encountered; a biker on his way to California, a couple stranded at the fast food place where I work, and some others. but I make and distribute warm winter hats for homeless people around the country, and I thought it would be great to put a gospel of John in each hat that i send out. I will write a personal note in each one encouraging them to know that God loves them no matter who they are. I'm excited to see what happens.”

“Hi Don, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your talk at Living Faith church on 10/19. You have a great presentation and a way of making it easy to share Christ. I will do this with the help of THE HOLY SPIRIT. I will have more questions later. Keep up the good work and God Bless you and yours. I have been praying for you too.”

“The Lord gifted me so that I have an incredibly easy time talking to strangers, something which I always knew was a way I could reach others with the good news, but I was afraid. I never knew what I was supposed to say or how to start the conversation, but now I have a way to do it. There's hardly any fear for me to deal with - the Lord's put me through social situations that make sharing Him to others seem like a breeze. Having those little Gospel of John books is like having a good pair of running shoes; I feel like I can go anywhere and do just about anything with the Holy Spirit moving inside of me and a booklet in my hand. Thank you so, so much!”

We have some additional exciting news. We got a new supporter for the next 36 months and that very generous supporter brings our regular monthly support up to 71%! Praise God!!!


• Nov 9 - MAD Live Event - Mountain View Alliance Church, Jersey Shore, PA

• Nov 15 - MAD Live Event - Waxhaw Bible Church, Waxhaw, NC

• Nov 16 - MAD Live Event - Northgate Baptist Church, Florence, SC

• Nov 22 - MAD Live Event - Harvest Fellowship, Stevens, PA


• Continued prayers are requested for our schedule in 2015. It is still very light and the task of filling the schedule literally gets harder each month. I know you’re probably tired of hearing that, but it is true. In addition to praying, please speak with any pastors and church leadership you know and ask them to check us out. They can watch the first hour of the training on our website and I can provide a password to view it in its entirety on Vimeo if needed.

• We have not heard anything from the national motorcycle ministry that I mentioned in last month’s report. I don’t know whether that is good or bad news. Keep praying!

• For Word FM to partner with us on a pilot MAD Live Event in their listening area

• For Kingdom Bound to allow us to do some kind of a MAD Live Event, whether the full 4 hours or an abbreviated version of it at next year’s Kingdom Bound.

Love in Christ,

Cathy and Don