Thursday, March 5, 2015

Safely in Florida! Divine appointments

We thank the Lord for safe travels to Florida. After close to 400 miles we are safely in Daytona Beach. The highest temperature that my info center thermometer registered was 91 degrees....yes 91. (sorry) As I was filling my tank in SC, a lady started a conversation with me at the pump about Bike Week. her name was Kim and I shared the Gospel with her and gave her a Gospel of John to read. She was very grateful for it! We stopped again for gas after crossing into Florida. Ron was hungry so we sat down in the convenience store/Subway. A man came up to me to talk about the Inidan motorcycle. His name was Jonas and he was from Ohio. His wife Jeanie had neck surgery in Florida 3 weeks ago and they were slowly making their way home. In the course of conversation I found out that he and his family are already followers of Jesus Christ and are involved in a Mennonite church at home. I asked Jeanie if I could pray for her and we gathered in a small circle, and Ron prayed for her, the family, and their travels home. I gave Jonas my card and told him what I do. Maybe God will open the doors for me to go to his church to teach! The photo is my Indian loaded with all of our gear for the trip.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Very cool Divine appointment from last night

Last night Cathy, Ron and I went out for dinner before we left for SC this morning. We had a server named Paul (not his real name). We offered to pray for him and he gave us a request. He stayed and bowed his head while I prayed for him and his request. Today I received this email from him:

"Hello Don, this evening you guys came into Texas Roadhouse and I had the pleasure of serving you. I wanted to thank you for the book and the prayer. Also, I wanted to ask for your help. You asked if there's anything else that I needed prayer for and at first I could not think of anything to say. Then it hit me. What I always have been praying for myself, my girlfriend. I personally have grown up Christian and have had a strong relationship with God. I have been saved and could not be happier. A year ago I met my girlfriend who truly made me a better person. Her family is catholic and they raised her catholic but she no longer believes. It troubles me everyday because I do not think she has been saved. She has such a loving heart but is hard headed when it comes to the things she believes in. She finds it hard that someone out there could "control her life". I always find myself praying for her and for strength to bring her to God but I really don't know what to do. Everytime there is bad weather for An example and she is driving I am scared that something bad could happen and ultimately I could never see her again. I guess what I am asking is for you to pray for her, and for me to have the strength to help her find God. I really appreciate the book, the prayer, and the tip tonight. I felt I had to reach out to you once I started reading the book and I really want her to read it too. Thanks again!" I sent him a response to the email and some additional info and we hope to keep in touch.

Praise God for another opportunity!

Day 1 complete - we are safely in West Columbia, SC

Ron and I made it safely to West Columbia, SC in the truck. 79 degrees was the highest temperature we experienced on our way down in SC (sorry for my friends up north!). Another Divine appointment....I stopped at the Charlotte Indian dealer and met the service manager who recently moved down to NC from Bally, PA near where I live! We also got to pray for our waitress Lynda tonight. The motorcycles and trailer are unloaded. We're organizing gear for tomorrow's 400+ mile trip to Daytona Beach. Praying for warm, dry weather and safety for our trip, and loads of Divine appointments so we can share the love of Christ!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

MAD Live Event - Galeton, PA

I completed a MAD Live Event in our old stomping grounds of the northern tier of PA today. I was at First Baptist Church. We had 93 people stay for the training and I praise God for 7 new followers of Jesus Christ!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A sovereign God provides another Divine Appointment

I had an ad on Craig's List to sell a treadmill. A man named Bob from Lebanon County called today and made an appointment to come and check out the treadmill. After he arrived I showed him all the the functions of the machine and we ended up in a discussion about being in shape and staying in shape. I mentioned that winter is tough on me because I get inactive, but during the warmer weather I referee high school soccer. The conversation continued and it tuns out that his son and my son played soccer together at East Stroudsburg University. His son was year behind mine. We shared some memories of games and events that occurred and after loading the treadmill into his vehicle, I had the opportunity to share a Gospel of John with him and invite him to go to Heaven when he dies. God is incredible....

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How the Lord used us in February, 2015

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Although we had four MAD Live Events on the calendar for February, we were only able to do two. We completed two in western PA and two were scheduled for Massachusetts on the 21st and 22nd. With the effects of the storms, they needed to be rescheduled to future dates. At the two Live Events that we were able to complete, we were blessed to see one young lady give her life to Christ. It never gets old seeing God work in people’s hearts!

Next month Pastor Ron Woudenberg and I will be doing our annual trip to Daytona Bike Week to share Christ with the people we meet and connect with. I’ll also be doing two M.A.D. Live Events while we are in Florida.


We have booked the dates for our 8th Annual Smoky Mountains Motorcycle Adventure. They are June 14-18. We’ll be riding the world famous Tail of the Dragon (318 curves in 11 miles), The Cherohala Skyway, the Devil’s Triangle and others. Please let us know if you or someone else is interested. Early notice to secure appropriate lodging is appreciated!


We have cancelled our 2015 trip as we did not have enough people signed up and lodging became in issue. If you’re interested in a trip in 2016, we’ll need to know this fall when reservations need to be made.

Important Reminder! - We now have the first hour of the MAD Live Event on our website. Anyone can watch it to get a feel for who we are and how we teach. The entire MAD Live Event is available for pastors to view if they need to check it out before inviting us to come and teach. It is available on Vimeo and requires a password. Please let church leaders know about this as it could open doors for some more MAD Live Events in your area. The full training is NOT for group viewing.


God has blessed us Your faithful prayer and financial support make the ministry bookings and schedule possible. THANK YOU for your support.

• March 1 - MAD Live Event - First Baptist Church of Galeton, PA

• March 7 - MAD Live Event - Calvary Church, Jupiter, FL

• March 8 - MAD Live Event - Hillside Community Church, Minneloa, FL

• March 9 - 13 - Daytona Bike Week - Pastor Ron and I will share the love of Christ with the people at Bike Week

• March 18 - MAD Live Event Part 1 - Spring Valley Church of God, Reading, PA

• March 19 - MAD Live Event Part 2 - Spring Valley Church of God, Reading, PA

• March 21 - Walk thru the Bible Old Testament Seminar - Grace Community Church, Allentown, PA

• March 29 - Speak at Men’s Outreach Breakfast - Evangelical Covenant Church of Woodstock, NY


• For our 2015 schedule to fill

• We have now had radio spots running on Word FM since the beginning of February. We just received our first phone call as a result of the spots. Praise God! We humbly ask that you make a daily commitment to pray for the success of the Non-profit radio spots. These represent our biggest opportunity for exposure. Please pray that the spots generate phone calls and MAD Live Event bookings.

• Pastor Ron Woudenberg and I will be towing our motorcycles in a trailer to Columbia, SC on March 4th. We’ll then be riding the next ~400 miles to Florida on the motorcycles and we’ll be riding on them until Sunday, March 15th when we’ll be back in the truck headed home. We ask for your daily prayers for safety, dry, warm weather, and that we will faithfully share the love of Jesus Christ with those whom He connects us with. I will do my best to keep you updated on facebook and on the Blog on the ministry website.

Love in Christ,

Cathy and Don

Sunday, February 8, 2015

MAD Live Event today in Greenville, PA

I completed another MAD Live Event today at the church in Greenville, PA. We had just under 100 people stay for the entire event. It was nice be be back in an Alliance Church! I received quite a it of positive feedback from the folks there. I am looking forward to going back to share an Walk thru the Bible Old Testament seminar some time in the near future.