Sunday, September 14, 2014

MAD in Easton, PA

I had a wonderful time presenting to the folks in Easton today. Lots of great feedback and appreciation for what we are doing for the Kingdom. And, PTL several people gave their lives to Christ today!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Prayer request for Monday

Prayers would be appreciated for a meeting I am having Monday morning with a Christian radio network. I am hoping they will agree to host one or more MAD Live Events in their listening areas.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Testimony from Saturday's training

I was just blessed by a lady named Barbara from Charlotte, NC. She called and shared with me how she shared the love of Christ with a homeless man by buying him a meal and sharing a Gospel of John with him. She also said that at Sunday night's service there were quite a few testimonies from people in the church who had attended the MAD Live Event on Saturday and put it into practice. That's what it's all about! Praise God! I encouraged her and thanked her for calling.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Great day at The Harvest in Lexington, SC!

I had a great day at the Harvest today in Lexington, SC. Spoke at both AM services and did a MAD Live Event this afternoon. About 107 people attended and 7 of these people gave their lives to Christ today! Still praising God! Also, made som new contacts that could really help open some new doors of ministry. I was blessed before leaving the church to have a group of people surround me to lay hands on me to pray for us and our ministry for Christ. What a day....

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Divine appointments with servers today

I've had a couple of great days of Divine appointments. On Friday night I was blessed to share Christ with our waitress Christina. This morning I offered to pray for my server Chuck, at Cracker Barrel. He instantly welled up with tears and said I could pray for him as his Dad had passed away this week. I prayed for him and his family. After breakfast he came over and grabbed my hand and thanked me profusely for paring for him. Tonight I stopped at a restaurant that Pastor James had recommended and I got a waitress named Tatiana. I ended up praying for her and she came back to talk further. It is a LONG story, but we spent about 10 minutes in a detailed Gospel discussion. I ave her a Gospel of John and a One Second After you die booklet for her to read. She said she would contact me if she had any questions. It was awesome. Wish I could detail all of the cool stuff that happened.

MAD Live Event in Kannapolis, NC

I finished a MAD Live Event today at this church in Kannapolis, NC. We had 57 people attend and 1 teen gave his life to Christ today! Praise God! Then I drove back down to Lexington, SC....I was here two weeks ago. Tomorrow I will be doing another MAD Live Event at the Harvest Church.

Friday, August 29, 2014

August Ministry Report

How the Lord used us in August of 2014

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

We are praising God for the best August we have ever had in terms of a schedule. Here’s what the Lord allowed us to do this month:

• 3 MAD Live Events

• 2 days of Interviewing children at the local CEF camp – leading some to Christ and planting/watering seeds in the others

• 2 days of preaching at the Milford Bible Camp’s Family Camp

• 1 day as a guest speaker on WGRC’s Morning Show from 6-9 AM talking about evangelism

• 1 Day speaking at the Surfside Services in Ocean Grove, NJ

We praise God for all of these opportunities to share His love and plan of salvation and we were blessed to see God save another 20 souls this month! Praise the Lord!!!! After completing the MAD Live Event on the 24th in Lexington, SC, a young man about 14 yrs old came up to me afterwards with tears in his eyes and wanted to speak with me. I pulled him aside and he cried, and cried and cried, not able to speak in any kind of a complete sentence. He was broken by the Holy Spirit. Through the tears he said he needed to be saved. He hadn’t made the decision when the invitation was given at the end of the training, and he said he couldn't leave the church until he was right with God. As I spoke with him, his Dad came over and joined us. I had the privilege of leading him to Christ in the foyer of the church!

Here’s some more testimonies to bless your heart and encourage you:

“Dear Don, After hearing you speak in Sunbury, Pa this summer, I was able to get some great witnessing books to keep in my vehicle. Our Church went on a mission trip to Rochester in July. While talking to a young mom in a poor section of town (sitting on playground equipment), the Lord helped me to tell her about Him. Had one very interesting conversation about the Lord, about her life (came from India), and sharing some of my testimony with her. I then told her to wait a minute because I had something for her....(I call it "pulling a Don Sunshine") and ran to the church van to write a personal note to her and to then give them to her. She was sooooo appreciative about the books. Praying that she is reading them and understanding them and wanting to know more about the Lord. Thank you so much for your testimony and your willingness to help others like me who have a hard time starting a conversation that leads to witnessing for God. The Lord has used you to remind me to be open to what He is saying to me and to DO something about it.”

“I took that leap of faith and stepped outside my comfort zone. Once a month I have lunch with some retirees from our past employment. There about 7 of us who meet. To my knowledge I am the only Christian. One gal claims to be agnostic ..what ever that is suppose to are either on Gods team or your in between. Anyway I've always wanted to approach them some how but was afraid. After your class it seemed easier. SO...last week before the dinner I thought I am going to do this! My heart said to approach slowly and ask before we leave if anyone would like me to pray for them and they don't need to ask for anything specific. I did know several health problems some were having so I started off by mentioning them and I would pray for those needs till we met again. I was waiting for some moans & groans but to my surprise they all said yes..please do..pray for me. I was about blown over & thought what was I fearing! Like you said friends and family are the hardest. They all thanked me and I got a nice email from one of the girls. I gave them my email if they had any needs before our next luncheon. Now to the agnostic..she never said a word. I mentioned at the table that I would pray she would fine a good renter for her rental property. She is a tough nut but hopefully The Lord will open her heart. I just wanted you to know your classes are a success! I plan to gradually work more and more on these gals and see where The Lord leads.”

“Hi Don, I picked up some gospels of John yesterday after the last session. 4 different covers. Today after my shift at McDonald's I heard a couple of young guys talking in the booth behind me while I was waiting for my ride. They mentioned the race car driver who got killed north of here, how he was only 20. So I stuck my head around the corner and fairly soon asked about their spirituality. The one guy, Eddie, said he was basically christian, but then went into this cosmic meditation thing and how we are all gods that made it pretty clear he didn't know what Christianity was. So, one of the covers I picked on the book was a starscape... sooo... I asked if I could share what I believed, and told him that this was a book of the Bible and pretty much explained what Christianity is. He and his friend took it, they were there for interviews, so I hope to have another shot at one or both of them. I fell like I could have done better, but it was the first time. I'll keep going. Pray for me. And for Eddie and his friend. His friend didn't want to share his beliefs, maybe he's Wiccan, lot of that around here, but he is willing to hear what I believe. Thanks for coming yesterday, God really did something. blessings and prayers!”

As we look at what is happening in the world around us, we are living in very scary, yet exciting times. There is more and more of a sense of urgency to rescue lost people and to equip followers of Christ to do the same. The world as we know it is falling apart because of rampant sin. We are praying that the Lord will come quickly for His bride before this gets really ugly. Thanks for your partnership in helping us to impact the Kingdom in these last days.


• Sept 6 - MAD Live Event - First Baptist Church - Kannapolis, NC

• Sept 7 - MAD Live Event - The Harvest - Lexington, SC

• Sept 14 - MAD Live Event - Bethel Memorial Baptist Church - Easton, PA

• Sept 18 - beginning this Thursday, I will be leading a weekly small group study for people in our church

• Sept 21 - MAD Live Event - Calvary Bible Fellowship Church - Shamokin, PA

• Sept 27 - MAD Live Event - New Life Bible Fellowship Church - Oley, PA - PRAYERS FOR A GREAT TURNOUT ARE REQUESTED FOR THIS DATE - I am being professionally filmed at this event • Sept 28 - MAD Live Event - Grace Community Church - Allentown, PA


• Thank you for your prayers regarding our fall schedule. God has been gracious to us and has given us a good September and a little beyond. Please keep the full schedule request before our Lord. Thanks!

• The September 27th MAD Live Event in Oley PA is a very important one for us. First, it will be our 400th MAD Live Event, so we rejoice in that milestone. But secondly, we will be professionally filmed by Cabinwood Productions, a Christian video production company from Allentown, PA. They have graciously offered to provide me with a professionally produced DVD set of the MAD Live Event for whatever we can use it for. THANK YOU LORD! Please pray for a full house because the video will look better and the group dynamics will be better as well!

• The national motorcycle ministry that I mentioned last month has added an agenda item to discuss the possibility of doing “something” with our ministry. We’d love to see this happen.

Love in Christ,

Cathy and Don