Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How the Lord Used Us in March of 2015

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

I am glad that winter is over and spring is finally here. Now if the weather would just cooperate, we’d be fine. We had a wonderful month of ministry including: 4 MAD Live Events, a Walk thru the Bible Old Testament seminar, I spoke at a men’s Lenten Breakfast in CT, and Ron Woudenberg and I traveled to Florida to share Christ with the motorcyclists and others whom God connected us with at Daytona Bike Week. If you didn’t follow our travels to Bike Week on Facebook or the Blog on my website, I would encourage you to go to our website and read the daily ministry God allowed us to be a part of while we were there. We shared Christ and prayed for as many as 8 people in one day. I am sure it will bless your heart and encourage you if you take the time to read it. In March, we were blessed to be used of the Lord to see another 12 people come to a saving faith in Christ. Praise the Lord!!

Recently I have been helping a local school district in the morning before my ministry work begins, driving a school bus as they are very short on school bus drivers. I have been sharing Christ with a number of the drivers whom God has connected me with, as well as the Dispatcher. Everyone seemed very open to hear what I had to say. After the first day on the bus, I could see that the road salt was excessively packed all over the bus, and the mirrors and windows were difficult to see out of and use. So the next day I brought in some Windex and paper towels. I cleaned the windshield, side windows and mirrors and headed to the first school. As I drove up there I realized that the mirrors still needed some work. I parked behind several other school district vans that were parked in front of me in the school’s driveway loop and got out to clean the mirrors again. As I finished the mirrors on my bus, I believe the Holy Spirit prompted me to clean the van windows and mirrors in front of me. I went to the van in front of me, sprayed Windex on the driver’s outside mirror and window and began cleaning them. The lady driving the van got this look of shock, amazement and gratitude as I cleaned them for her. She smiled, rolled her window down, and thanked me profusely. Apparently, no one had ever done that for her before. I then cleaned the mirror and the window on the passenger side, and proceeded to the van in front of her and did the same thing. I then had the opportunity to share a Gospel of John with each of the drivers. One of the ladies has been seeing specialists in Reading because her breasts are full of lumps, and to top it off, she has a history of breast cancer in her family. The doctors said it was so serious that they couldn’t help her, and that she had to go to Hershey to see the specialists there. I told her I’d be praying for her and suggested she go to my church and have the folks in the prayer room anoint her with oil and pray for her. She said she would go and did. This past week she had her appointment with the Docs in Hershey and after much testing, they told her that they couldn’t find anything wrong with her! Praise God! I told her that God healed her body and he wants to heal her soul. We talked for 40 minutes and Cathy and I will be having dinner with her soon to talk further.

Here is one of the testimonies I received this month:

“Mr. Don - I want to thank you for the AWESOME presentation you brought to Spring Valley! I would like to share something with you. I took a couple of the gospel booklets and put them in my purse today I was at A.C. Moore and I got talking to the cashier and as I left out the doors the Lord reminded me of my booklet, so I talked myself into going back in the store. This was my first time I ever done this. I went back in the store and looked for the cashier I offered her a booklet to my surprise she gave me a hug and suggested we exchange phone numbers:))))) So thank you once again for impacting my life so I can share Jesus with the Lost!! God Bless you and may God continue to impact other believers thru your wonderful teaching to get out and spread the Great news!”

Smoky Mountains Motorcycle Adventure - We still have room for this June trip. Please contact us ASAP if you’re interested. It is $395 per person and more info is available on our website.


• April 4 - MAD Live Event - Glendale Christian Lighthouse, Everett, MA

• April 11 - MAD Live Event - Woodland Hills Community Church, Columbia, SC

• April 18 - MAD Live Event - Campbell Alliance Church, Campbell, NY

• April 25 - Walk thru the Bible Old Testament seminar - St. Michael’s Church, Hamburg, PA

• May 2 - MAD Live Event - Hand in Hand Church, Elmira, NY

• May 16 - MAD Live Event - Mt. Zion Road Church of the Brethren, Lebanon, PA

• May 23 - MAD Live Event - Calvary Chapel E.F.C., Hegins, PA

• May 30 - MAD Live Event - SBC - Host church location TBD, Camden, SC

God has blessed us. Your faithful prayer and financial support make the ministry bookings and schedule possible. THANK YOU for your support.


In the 6 ½ year history of our ministry, we have never had a single month where we didn’t have at least one MAD Live Event scheduled on a Sunday. That all appears to be changing in 2015. For the first time, we don’t have ANY MAD Live Events on any Sundays in April, May or June of this year…and no events on Saturdays in June either! We need your help and prayers more than ever.

• ***For our 2015 schedule to fill (see above)

• ***We have now had radio spots running on Word FM since the beginning of February. We just received our second phone call as a result of the spots. Praise God! We humbly ask that you make a daily commitment to pray for the success of the Non-profit radio spots. These represent our biggest opportunity for exposure. Please pray that the spots generate phone calls and MAD Live Event bookings.

• We ask for continued prayers for good health and safety as we travel and minister, and that hearts will be open to the Holy Spirit.

Love in Christ,

Cathy and Don

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Men's Breakfast Speaker today in CT

I had a wonderful time with the 120 some men at the Woodstock Men's Lentel Breakfast this morning. I shared a message and challenge to them and two young men - I am guessing in their early 20's, stood up at the end indicating they had surrendered their lives to Christ today. Wow!

When I was finished speaking, I went over and hugged the one guy and welcomed him to the family of God. I then went over to the other man and he was fighting tears. We hugged and he cried on my shoulder, thanking me for coming and sharing with them. I also welcomed him to the family.

Men stayed for 1-2 hours afterwards talking with me and asking questions. They blessed me immensely. I made the 5 1/2 hour ride home safely, even though the first 2/3 of it was in a New England snow squall. It looks like the church will be inviting me back to do a MAD Live Event sometime in the near future. All glory to God.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bus update

I continued to water the seed that I planted in Donna's heart yesterday. I didn't have time to speak with her today. However, today a new driver named Mark will be taking over the run I have been helping the school district with. I had a number of spiritual discussions with him and in the process shared the Gospel. He also too a Gospel of John to read and thanked me for it. Praise the Lord!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Walk thru the Bible Old Testament Seminar in Allentown today

Walk thru the Bible Old Testament Seminar today in Allentown at Grace Community Church. Without a doubt this was the loudest and one of the most fun groups I have done this with. Check out the full 77 people, places, events, and geography of the OT with hand motions, all done in chronological order - from creation to Christ in less than 3 minutes. If you'd like me to come and teach one at your church, please contact me.

Friday, March 20, 2015


As of this morning, Donna is half way through the booklet. I watered the seed again today and gave her my card. I told her to call me with any questions that come up. Will follow up on Monday.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

She's not there yet

I followed with Donna today at the bus yard. She was reading the booklet but hasn't finished it yet. She had some questions and I watered the seed I had planted yesterday. More follow up tomorrow. Keep praying for her.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Divine Appointment at the Bus Garage

I have been helping a local school district driving a school bus for them in the mornings as they are desperate for drivers. The run I have is one no one wants. I drive the “troubled teens” to a special county school where I can’t let them off the bus until and escort comes out. As they enter the school they pass through a metal detector and then are “wanded” to be sure they have no weapons. I was doing my pre-trip bus check when the lady named Donna, who drives the bus parked next to me, asked if I wanted her to check my brake lights and back up lights. I said, “sure”. After checking the lights I exited the bus and we talked. She asked me how I liked driving these kids to school and I told her it really wasn’t that big of a deal. I told her that the other day one of the teens got on the bus and he wreaked of marijuana. When the escort at the school came out to get the kids he immediately smelled it and asked me which student it was, and I told him. The student hasn’t been on the bus since. I was told he had to meet with his probation officer for a drug test and that he may be locked up now. Donna told me that she has never smelled marijuana and has no idea what it smells like. I described it as best I could and then she said that when here kids were growing up, she doubts they ever used drugs, but they probably drank. I told her that I had never smoked, drank, or taken drugs. She said, “Wow, so you’ll live forever!” Open door….I told her that everyone was going to live forever, the only question was where we will be spending eternity. She asked if that meant that we would be “coming back to life?” I explained what was going to happen and shared the Gospel with her using the Way of the Master questions. Donna told me that her fiancĂ©e died 6 months ago and that she has not been able to move on with her life since then. I explained how Jesus could change all of that and gave her a copy of “One Second After You Die” and she thanked me repeatedly and said she would read it and get back to me with questions. Donna then made the comment that we must have met for a reason. I told her that God brought me to the school district and had me drive the bus parked next to hers so we could meet. God wants Donna in Heaven with Him when she dies. I look forward to following up with her tomorrow morning. Pray for Donna!