Monday, August 31, 2015

How the Lord Used us in August of 2015

We had a great month of ministry. We recognize that this is the direct result of our prayer partners bringing this ministry before our God, and Him answering the prayers. Thank you for praying! In fact, we were blessed with 6 MAD Live Events in August, which traditionally has been a month with almost none. God also opened the doors for us to minister for the first time in Michigan this month, and I got to share a Gospel message at the Surfside Services in Ocean Grove again this year. We had many one-on-one Divine appointments with people and were able to share the good news Of Jesus Christ with them. When I was in MA this month, God actually gave me 5 Divine appointments to share my faith in Christ in one day. The details are on the BLOG on my website and our ministry facebook page. We continue to stand in awe of how the Lord is using this ministry to change lives and eternities. 407 people attended the MAD Live Events this month and we praise Him for using the truth presented to bring 16 more people into the Kingdom!

Here are some testimonies that came as a result of the M.A.D. Live Events in August. Praise God!!!

“I was hit right between the eyes today at Connection Church in Canton MI. I never really felt like other people's eternal lives were a responsibility of mine. I was a Christian with a private faith that wasn't shared with those outside my church. I want to begin right away putting the lessons you gave me into practice. Thank you so much for coming to Michigan, Don. You are truly an inspiration. Bless you.”

“Hi Mr. Sunshine, my name is Keagan and I am 11. I was at your program yesterday. And today I had the chance to plant a seed in my Saxophone teacher. I shared my faith with her, and I am going to bring her a pocket gospel. She had questions and the answers were pretty easy for me to answer. She thought it was cool, and said she was gonna talk to her boyfriend about all of this.... Because he is a Christian... I am praying someone waters my seed!”

“I was moved by you immensely. I told all my friends about you and sent a summary of my feelings to about 30 guys I group email and usually bore terribly. I went 23 days in a row telling people about Christ. I would say 4 accepted Christ and 6 rededicated their lives.”

“Don, I want to thank you again for being faithful to the ministry our Lord has given you. I am starting to use more of the tools you have taught us and I am thankful. I had many opportunities to approach family this weekend and family is always the hardest to plant Seed. Mom hit 90, had her celebration on Saturday and then on Sunday the Lord orchestrated a great time of sharing the message with her, the sin that separates us, and the answer to her question " I don't know where I am going" when she passes, thanks be to God, she does now and repeated John 3:16”

If you aren’t familiar with the term “Shemitah”, I would highly recommend you type that into a YouTube window and watch Jonathan Cahn talk about it. You can also order his books, “The Harbinger”, and “The Mystery of the Shemitah”. I also recommend Mark Blitz’s book on the Blood Moons. I believe all of these are also available on DVD. Next month looks like to will be a very interesting month for our country and the world. We’ll have to wait and see what the Lord does.

Some great news…I connected with the Mars Hill Radio Network out of Syracuse, NY to sponsor some programming which will allow us to air 30-second radio spots for our M.A.D. Live Events. They were very excited about the training we do and had received great reports from some of the churches that we’ve been in. Also, they want to partner with us to sponsor 3 MAD Live Events next year (Syracuse, Rochester, & Utica). Praise The Lord! This network features a lot of teaching programs so the audience is made up of folks hungry to learn. These are exactly the pastors and people we want to reach. We will provide details as soon as it is worked out, but please keep this opportunity in your prayers.


• September 6 - Speak at Calvary Baptist Church Annual Church Picnic, Mohnton, PA

• September 11-12 - Display and speak at the Songtime Conference on Cape Cod, MA

• September 18 - 19 - Speak at the Teen Retreat - Lamoka Baptist Camp in Tyrone, NY

• September 26 - MAD Live Event - DeRielle School of Cosmetology, Mechanicsburg, PA

• September 27 - MAD Live Event - Woodstock Evangelical Community Church, Woodstock, CT

• October 3 - MAD Live Event - Frontline Ministries, Elmira, NY

• October 4 - MAD Live Event - Park Bible Baptist Church, Pennsville, NJ

• October 10 - Lutheran Church of the Reformation, West Long Branch, NJ

• October 17 - MAD Live Event - Emmanuel Bible Church, Schooleys Mountain, NJ

• October 18 - MAD Live Event - Alliance Church, Elizabethtown, PA

• October 24 - MAD Live Event - East Smethport United Christian Church, East Smethport, PA

• October 25 - MAD Live Event - First Baptist Church of Afton, Afton, NY


• We are now working on our 2016 calendar and we face the same challenges as always. Please pray for our calendar to fill.

• For God to us the Mars Hill Radio Network to open many doors of ministry for us

• We ask for continued prayers for good health and safety as we travel and minister, and that hearts will be open to the Holy Spirit’s moving.

Love in Christ,

Cathy and Don

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Today's Divine Appointment

I was reading my Bible this morning when I heard a repetitive thumping sound coming up the road. I glanced out the window and saw a car with both passenger tire tires flat driving up the road. I thought, he won’t be going too far like that.

Several hours later I went out to speak with farmers to try to find a place to archery hunt. As I went up the road I saw the same vehicle facing the opposite direction on my street with two people trying to pump up the flat tires. As I had an air compressor in the back of my truck, I pulled over, got out, opened the tailgate of my truck and pulled the air hose out. I filled the rear tire for them and ran out of air in the compressor, as I hadn’t filled it in some time. So I told them I’d be right back, turned my truck around and headed back down the street to my house. I connected an extension cord to the compressor, refilled it, and headed back up to the stranded father and son. I filled the front tire and made sure the back one was full as well. They thanked me profusely and wanted to know if they could buy me some beer to pay me back. I thanked them and said that wouldn’t be necessary, and that I had something for them. The looked at each other kind of puzzled, and I reached into the truck, pulled out a Gosple of John with the plan of salvation in it, and a One Second After You Die booklet. I gave the Gospel to the young man and the other booklet to his Dad. I explained what was in the book and how it could impact where they’d spend eternity. They thanked me for it and I went on with my business. PTL!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Easton, PA MAD Live Event

I completed a MAD Live Event in Easton, PA today. 33 people attended and one man gave his life to Christ! PTL!! We broke for lunch and had the opportunity to pray for our waitress, Mia and shared the Gospel with her.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Praying for our severs in TN

Cathy, our 3 oldest grandkids, and I had dinner out tonight. We had a server named Will and a trainee named Jasmine as our servers. I asked how I could pray for each of them and Will remarked that this was good timing. His 3 year old daughter Allison just went to the hospital with an unknown problem. They thought she might be having heart trouble and her hair is falling out. Tests were being done to determine what was wrong. Jasmine asked me to pray for her and her 3 children as they go through a custody battle. They were both very appreciative of my offer and the prayers. I wrote each of them a note in the "One Second After You Die" booklets, gave them to each of them with our tip. He thanked me several times and as I was leaving, he was showing the Manager the book and reading what I wrote to him. please say a prayer for Allison and for Jasmine.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Amazing...amazing day of ministry in NJ

These are the kind of days of ministry that leave me speechless. I traveled to Zarephath, NJ to do an abbreviated MAD Live Event for the church leadership and outreach people, and Pastor Rob invited anyone interested to attend. I had previously taught the full MAD Live Event here in the beginning of June and they wanted me back.

They hoped for about 50 people to show up, and we were blessed and surprised. The room packed out and was at capacity...standing room only. About 125 or more attended.

I stayed for about 45 minutes afterwards speaking with people with whom the Holy Spirit had worked in their hearts. I saw some men and women in tears during several parts of the event, and many came up afterwards to share how God had convicted them of missed opportunities. They wanted a new start and committed to try to be faithful with the connections that God has lined for them in the future. PTL!

Also, some new doors of ministry may be opening as a result of being here. We'll see what the Lord has planned! Thanks for your prayers!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

First MAD Live Event in Michigan is in the books!

I had a wonderful day sharing the MAD Live Event with the folks at Connection Church in Canton, MI. This was my very first presentation in this state. We had about 175 people stay for the whole thing and I praise God for 12 new followers of Jesus Christ! There were many people lined to talk after the morning service many that I never had a chance to break for lunch. When I finished this afternoon's sessions there were people staying to talk and share how the Lord had spoken to them today. These conversations lasted almost 2 hours after I was done. Praise God for what He did today. I am grateful to have been a part of it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

These came via email this morning

Hello Don, I am Bob and I met you in June at Grace Fellowship Church. I am trying to get you via the Men's Group to come speak to my church at Crossroads in Jersey Shore. We are all on a summer break and no one responds to my texts on this matter. I will get back to you if I can. I was moved by you immensely. I told all my friends about you and sent a summary of my feelings to about 30 guys I group email and usually bore terribly. I went 23 days in a row with telling people about Christ. I would say 4 accepted Christ and 6 rededicated there life. I stopped because I could not fit anymore people in my car. I will need others to be on board at my church to bring you there. Thank you, Don.

We were blessed! Everyone present has received what you taught us and most have begun to put it into practice. At our prayer meeting tonight, Anson was sharing how he was able to use what he learned to reach out to someone he was working with. And Charles mentioned that he's been able to share 2 Gospels of John since Sunday!