Monday, August 3, 2015

MAD Live Event in Everett, MA

I did a MAD Live Event for a small inner city Baptist church in Everett, MA yesterday. The old building had no A/C and it was HOT!!!! I had a long ride home fighting shore traffic on Route 95 arriving home just before midnight. I stopped for dinner in Warwick, RI and had a chance to share the Gospel and pray for a server named Rich. I praise God that one lady at the training was born again!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

5 Divine Appointments today

As I went to leave the hotel this morning at 7 AM, I went to the front office and rang the bell so they would open the door. An Indian lady came and let me in and I noticed a large Buddha statue on the counter of the front desk. I checked out and asked if I could share something with her as someone just got in line behind me. She said, “Sure.” I pulled out a “One Second After You Die” booklet, explained what it was and gave it to her to read. She seemed very grateful and said she would read it.

I then found a place to eat breakfast and got a server named Jonathan. I asked how I could pray for him and he gave me a very general half hearted request. I pressed him a little for something more specific and important to him and he opened up and asked me to pray for his Dad Vincent, who was having some kind of an issue with his brain. Doctors were trying to figure how to treat the problem. I agreed to pray for him and Jonathan put his hand on my shoulder, squeezed it and said, Thank you so much!”

I drove to the church and saw a Lobster Pound Restaurant on the way. Being a lobster is what I really wanted for dinner, I made up my mind to stop there after the training. I set up for the MAD Live Event and equipped 20 more people today. After I finished, I was loading the car in the 90 degree plus heat, and was quite sweaty. I decided to change my dress shirt before leaving. I picked out a “Lancaster County Choppers” T-shirt and put it on. I drove to the Lobster Pound Restaurant at about 3:20 PM – a little early for dinner, but tough…I’m eating now.

I went into the restaurant and a waitress named Oanna from Rumania selected a table for me to sit at. There was only one couple in the restaurant and they were on the other side of the room. As I sat down, the man saw my shirt and asked me if I was from Lancaster County, PA. I told him, “No. I’m from Berks County”. He said he was from Lancaster County and I inquired where. He replied, “Strasburg”. I told him I knew where that was, and asked if he was on vacation. They replied, “Yes, how about you?” I told them I was on the Cape to teach lifestyle evangelism. The conversation continued across the restaurant, and there was a lot of “spiritual” content. He asked me how I got into doing what I do, and I mentioned my police and computer background and he lit up. He and his family have been manufacturing body armor, ballistic shields, holsters and other police gear for years. We talked about police work and his wife commented about the variety of things I had done in my life. I finally asked where they went to church, and they told me that they don’t go to church, but the lady was raised Presbyterian, and he was raised Methodist. They also had some Catholic in their family. So I asked where he thought he would go if he died to today, and he said, “Heaven”. I asked him if he was sure of that and he said that there are many interpretations of the Bible and he believed that he would go to Heaven because he has always lived his life according to the 10 commandments. Bingo! So I asked him how he was doing with that. He said he was doing well, and I asked if I could put that to the test. He agreed. So we did the Way of the Master thing and he recognized that he had broken every one of the commandments. I explained that this is the reason that God sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins. If they surrendered their lives to the Lordship of Christ in repentance and faith, that a supernatural thing will happen to them and they’d be born again. They were closing out their check and I asked if I could get them something to read from the car. The agreed. I brought them a business card and a “One Second After You Die” booklet, explained the content, and told them to call me if they had questions. He said, “Yeah, you’re right up the road. We could get together for dinner and talk sometime.” I agreed.

Then I had a long conversation with Oanna and was able to share Christ with her as well, and of course, I left a great tip.

What a day….5 Divine appointments and two of them would never have happened if I hadn’t put that particular shirt on and stopped at the restaurant at that time. God is amazing, PTL!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Divine appointment on Cape Cod

I am on Cape Cod for a MAD Live Event tomorrow. The pastor of the church I'll be teaching in recommended a casual seafood restaurant for me to have dinner at. I wen to the restaurant and the way it's set up, you order at a counter, pay for your food, and they call your number when the order is up and ready. The main part of the restaurant had someone seated at every table. There' a door on a narrow side hallway that allows people parked behind the restaurant to park in the rear and enter the facility. In that narrow hallway were two tables for two. No one was seated there so I took the table closest to the main dining area of the restaurant, and waited for my number to be called. An older lady sat at the other table for two and she asked me to keep an eye on her two grandchildren (ages 8 and 9(, who insisted they could get all of the food by themselves. I keep an eye on them and updated her as their order were coming out. She asked me if I was from the area and I told her I was from PA. She asked if I was on vacation and I told her that I was on the Cape to teach tomorrow. She asked me what I door! I got up and went over to her table and explained what I would be teaching and gave her the Gospel of John that I had in my packet. This woman was SO grateful for me sharing it with her and I included my phone number if she had questions. She repeatedly thanked me for sharing ti with her and told me she'd think about what I shared. She was truly excited! PTL!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Last day at KB

We finished up our last day at KB, and it was just what we needed for exposure. Many people came by the booth after attending the mini MAD seminar that I did and we got one booking at the table and the likelihood of 4-5 more. I am grateful that after many years, we were able to come and share our ministry. We shared the Gospel with some people who clearly did not know Christ and I look forward to going back next year...Lord willing.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Another great day at Kingdom Bound

Today we had 80+ people attend our seminar at Kingdom Bound. We received lots of positive feedback at the end. A lady came up to me today and told me she was at the seminar yesterday and put what she learned into practice with a man who accidentally "bumped" into her. He was very vocal about his opposition to things of God, but the lady was used of the Lord to change his entire demeanor, and he gave her some things she could pray about with him! So she prayed with him and shared the Gospel. Awesome! PTL!! She told me that she brought her daughters to hear the seminar, and they were almost late getting here, so she told them they would have to run to the pavilion so they wouldn't miss any of it. They did make it on time. I praise the Lord for a number of bookings that will be scheduled soon.

Ron and I also had a nice conversation with a woman who has worked in NY's max security prison for 27 years teaching inmates how to pass the GED exam. After some brief conversation, we both realized she was not a believer, and we shared the Gospel with her, laid hands on her shoulder and prayed for her. Her name is LouAnn.

I look forward to the final day tomorrow. No seminars for me but Lord willing I'll meet some people who can get us into their church. Thanks for your prayers!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kingdom Bound update

I had a GREAT day at Kingdom Bound today. Initially we had a bad space for our booth but we were able to move it to a better location. Thus, the traffic flow was greatly improved. I had a 15 minute interview with Terese Main from Family Life about the teaching we do this morning. The 1 hour seminar that I did in the afternoon was absolutely packed. Ron was counting the people and gave up after breaking 100. It looked to me like it could have been as many as 200. People were lined up afterwards to ask question and share how God had used the content to impact their lives. We also got a number of great leads for trainings as a result.

I want to thank Ron Woudenberg and Steve Sandle (both Board Members) for coming to help me out at KB. They were a HUGE help. We look forward to tomorrow's seminar and interaction with the people at our booth.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I'm not born again....I'm a Baptist

Tonight we went out to dinner with our son, daughter-in-law and 2 grandkids. We had a short wait for a table, so my family sat on the benches in the lobby of the restaurant. I sat on one by myself as the other benches were now full. A lady came in with her adult daughter and granddaughter. They were told they'd have a very short wait. They walked over to the bench I was sitting on and I stood up and offered them my seat. The older said, "Thank you, but if I sit down, I won't be able to get back up." I smiled and said I'd beguiled to help her get up. She smiled, thanked me and sat down. A few minutes later the hostess called their name, and as I was standing next to the bench, I reached out and she grasped my hand and I pulled her to her feet. She thanked me and I told her to yell when she wanted to leave the restaurant, and I'd come help her get up (with a smile). She laughed and went with the hostess.

As I sat across the restaurant from her I felt like I needed to share Christ with her. So I got up and went across the restaurant to find them. She saw me coming and smiled. I asked if she had a whistle to blow to get my attention when she wanted to leave. She laughed. I introduced myself and asked if I could share something with her. She said that would be fine. I asked her what she believed spiritually and she told me she was a Baptist. I asked her if she was born again and she said, "No. I am a baptist." !!!!! I handed her a "One Second After You Die" booklet and told her she needed to be a "born again Baptist". I then explained what the booklet was about and offered it to her as a gift if she would read it. She said she definitely would read it and I told her it was nice meeting her and went back to my table.

"I'm not born again....I am a Baptist".....pricelss!